Friday, May 07, 2004

:: the complete list of architectural universities and collages around the world. This is the most complete list I have ever seen on internet.
This is for iran : University of Art Isfahan  Shahid Bahonar University  Shiraz University Azad University  Higher Education Center of Teheran  Shahid Beheshti University   University of Science & Technology  University of Yazd  University of Tehran


:: According to the third edition of the Almanac of Architecture & Design, the "Top 15 Schools and Colleges of Architecture" (with last year's ranking shown in parenthesis) are:

1. Cornell University (1)
2. Harvard University (2)
3. University of Cincinnati (6)
4. Syracuse University
5. Georgia Institute of Technology
6. University of Michigan (5)
7. Iowa State University
8. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
9. University of Virginia (14)
10. Texas A&M University (15)
11. Yale University (3)
12. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (8)
13. Columbia University (7)
14. University of Notre Dame
15. University of Pennsylvania (11)


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