Tuesday, February 03, 2004
:: Arch Stats
1. 70% of design professionals do not feel equipped to do a green design job. 26% are ready and 4% are getting there.
2. Average salaries for various construction-related occupations: Engineering Faculty, $64,510; Construction Managers, $60,160; Civil Engineers, $55,660; Architecture Faculty, $55,200; Architects, $53,410; Urban Planners, $46,670; and Interior Designers, $38,360.
3. Of the 102,002 licensed architects in the U.S., 13% are women, 8% are ethnic minorities, and it's not clear what the median age might be.
4 . The United States and the United Kingdom have 120 to 150 architecture students per million population, while Italy has a staggering 1,700 per million. (more)

:: I believe architecture is highly depended on politics … I am not going to say because there are politicians who say whether to build cities or not, nor that because I have not seen any Tehran’s mayor who was only a politician, nor I am going to say even the way you satisfy your costumers is a kind of policy indeed …no … neither of these … but because the stormy weather of Iran’s politics are puzzled me so that my attention of architectural Website/logs has gone for political website/logs and so my weblog is not working well just because of politics !

:: Second Annual Essay Competition on Architecture. (more)


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