Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Sunday, April 20, 2003


Iraqi museum thefts planned by outside experts

San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 18 Apr 2003

Experts Say Gangs Behind Some Iraqi Museum Looting

Reuters, UK - 17 Apr 2003

FBI Agents Helping Recover Looted Iraqi Museum Treasures

Voice of America - 17 Apr 2003

Experts believe some Iraqi museum looters are professionals

Channel News Asia, Singapore - 17 Apr 2003

Plundered Iraqi museum 'not a total loss'

Orange County Register, CA - 18 Apr 2003

War, looters strip Iraqi Museum of its treasures

Toronto Star, Canada - 17 Apr 2003

Pillagers Strip Iraqi Museum Of Its Treasure

New York Times - 12 Apr 2003

Looters Plunder Iraqi Museum; 50,000 Artifacts Are Taken

New York Times - 12 Apr 2003



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