Saturday, November 09, 2002
1. Tonight I have heard news makes me feel strange. Makes me think about this basic question: Where do I leave?
2. Have you ever heard about Universal Declaration of Human Rights? or read it? if not please read it at least one time.
3. There is an article in this declaration which has been banned most. it is the 19th article :” every one has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”
4. I am thinking of where i am living. again ..... and ..... again..... and ..... again..... and ..... again

بعضي وقتها ادم متأسف ميشه كه اينجا زندگی ميکنه.واقعاً که اينا دارن گندش رو در ميارن.بيچاره حالا يه چيزی گفته اصلاً غلط کرده که گفته.حالا چرا ميخواين بکشينش.

Friday, November 08, 2002
If U can read english and like 2 read iranians whom write their blog in english and much more see . ............... .
i guess, i can write there ! if so, i will : )

There is a competition.theoretically and not for MAs.... see more here.TEZOL deadline is soon ! (where i found it !)

Thursday, November 07, 2002
using this pic is so good for weather tehranian weblogers !

after a lot of struggle with enetation i find this agent as u see below. i guess its a good comment agent.

today i have seen tarentinos Desperados with antonio banderas & salma hayek ... i have thought it must be very nice but it was not !
a simple bang bang semi-western semi-mexican full-hollywoodian film. if you have 2 hours with no things to do; waste the time & see it.

اين رو هم از يه دوست كش رفتم
بعضي از مردم ناخن هاشونو مانيكور ميكنن
بعضي ها هم سوهان ميزنن.
اكثرأ ناخنهاشونو از ته ميگيرن.
ولي من همشونو كامل ميخورم!
بله، ميدونم كه عادت زشتيه.
ولي قبل از اينكه شروع به سرزنش كنيد،
يادتون باشه كه من هيچوقت ، هرگز،
دل كسي رو نخراشيدم.

شل سيلوراستاين

بالاخره تلسم شکسته شد و فارسي نوشتم.به خدا خيلي سخته.اگه حوصله داشتم يه برنامه مي نوشتم که فينگليش رو به فارسي تبديل کنه! اگه دارين براي من بفرستين
اين ارشيتكتها هم همش ادعاشون ميشه ولي حتي بلد نيستن يه سايت ابرومند درست كنن.تازه شهرسازا رو نديدين .
خدا اخر عاقبتمون رو به خير كنه .اين هم ماهنامه جامعه مهندسان معمار ايران البته اگر همش نبود تقصير اسكنرشونه نه خودشون !

Monday, November 04, 2002
i have a big problem with my nedstats... its on the page .. but i cant see it !

Sunday, November 03, 2002
persianblog comes back !
too late ... now i am here!

:: This is our world ..... from here

o 20% of population lack clean water
o 40% of population lack adequate sanitation
o 20% of population lack adequate housing
o 70% of population are unable to read
o 20% of population earn less than one dollar a day
o 20% of population are underfed and 20% overfed
o 20% of population suffer from malnutrition - 35% under age 5
o 35,000 people die every day from hunger related causes
o 250,000 children die each week of malnutrition and preventable diseases
o 40% of population are at risk with respect to malaria
o Deaths from AIDS have increased more than 6 times over the 1990s

At last i've seen Cinema Paradiso (director-edition)... it is Great .. very great.. if u can, go & get it ... it worthes it .
here u can see some of this film posters. and here is the films official website.


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